Make Christmas Cards Online...

And Wrap a Virtual Gift!

Here's a fun online Christmas activity for kids and grown-ups too! Annie's "Wrapping A Gift" online activity book lets you wrap a virtual present right on your computer.

At the end of the activity, you'll have a free printable Christmas card you can print out and give to a loved one!

You decide what gift or wish goes inside the box. It really is the thought that counts: use your imagination to add something wonderful!

Example Printable Christmas Card

When you've finished Annie's Gift Wrapping activity book, you'll get a card like this. The tag and the white area under "this box would hold" will be blank. Print out the card and finish it up by hand-writing your tag and filling in your Christmas wish. You can draw a picture or use stickers!

Or, if you know how to use a graphics program, right-click the picture and pick "Save As" to save it. Open it in a graphics program, and you can add writing and clip art before you print out your card!

Print It Out!

Under "Page Setup" choose "Landscape".

This turns the image to match the paper, which is taller than it is wide.

There should also be an option to resize, or scale, the image so it's the same size as the paper. Do that.

Tip: If you have heavy or "card stock" paper, that makes it stiff like a greeting card. But it's okay to use regular paper.

Decorate it!

Enclose a virtual gift with lots of love. Use words, stickers, or draw something‹ you decide.

Here's a photo of my printed-out card.

Some Virtual GIft Ideas

The best part about a virtual gift is that you can put anything in it-- it's free! It's also straight from the heart. Here's a few ideas to get you started. Choose something sweet or funny that will be sure to bring a smile.

Where to Get Christmas Clip Art

You can find some great Christmas clip art to decorate your card. Add clip art with a graphics program, or just print it out and glue it to your card.